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Easter Maze Printable: Bunny Looks For Art

Easter Maze Fun

This Easter maze printable has a flair of art to enjoy. Yes, Jeffery the Easter Bunny enjoys art! When not delivering eggs or hanging out with friends during the Easter holiday, you might find him at an art gallery, enjoying some amazing pieces of our times.

Easter Maze Printable Art Image
free Easter Maze Printable Easter Bunny art

Easter Maze Printable with Art

Who doesn’t like art? It’s around us, everywhere, and we take a moment to see the world in a different way as we go about our lives. When it comes to the Easter Bunny, he sometimes brings his favorite art pieces to show others. Sharing his delightful take on different ways people paint and reveal how they live.

A Friend to See The Piece

If you are looking to help Jeff the Easter Rabbit on this maze, you need to carefully find a path through the maze to get to the portrait. Once solved, Jeff can simply go back the way he came and share the art with his friends.

Art Easter Eggs? What?

Have you heard the term of finding an Easter egg in art or any other type of medium? The phrase comes from the Easter holiday but it has a very different meaning than you might expect. Creative types, like painters, writers and even singers make subtle references to other pieces of their work (or other creative work) to have fans discover it. These could be described as clever secrets that found only when you know (or understand) a certain reference.

While the Easter Bunny might be sharing an Easter egg on the portrait he wants to share, he needs help to get it first. Download the Easter Maze printable and help him find his way before Easter.

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